Graphic Design Pricing

We typically charge a rate of $125 per hour for our graphic design work. We are also open to negotiating flat fees for agreed upon scopes of work.

Brand Identity Design Pricing

We offer two base branding packages. If your company requires something simpler or more extensive, we can tailor a custom package to your needs.

Basic Visual Identity – $4,999

Surface brand review and graphic design package, focused around visual identity:

  • logo design
  • visual style guide:
    • logo
    • fonts
    • color palette
  • company materials (letterhead, PPT, cards, notebooks, etc.)

Full Branding Suite – $12,999

Competitive analysis and brand positioning strategy, applied to a suite of brand design assets.

  • brand identity review (understand and gear brand design toward competitive landscape)
  • logo design with variations
  • comprehensive visual style guide:
    • logo variations
    • fonts
    • color palette
    • suggestions for visual design principles of future marketing assets
    • other design recommendations (language?)
  • company materials (letterhead, PPT, cards, notebooks, etc.)

Web Design and Development Pricing

Web Pricing Plans

Basic Informational website with pre-fab theme – $1,499

  • Home page with slider and features section
  • Contact page with contact form
  • Up to 5 informational pages included
  • Basic SEO

Basic Blog website with pre-fab theme – $2,399

  • Blog

Basic Ecommerce website with pre-fab theme – $4,299

Custom-themed website – Basic plan pricing + $125/hr

Additional Notes About Our Web Pricing

We realize that the needs of every project and client are different, so are open to flexibilty in our pricing structure. While we typically do not offer discounts, we regularly negotiate flat fees for projects that are suited to a custom scope of work.

Web Hosting and Maintenance Pricing

Want peace of mind about you website's health and don't want to worry about purchasing your own hosting, all while saving money? Keep reading!

We strongly suggest our website hosting and maintenance services to all clients we build websites for. We do this for a handful of reasons:

  • In case a website has a problem or is hacked, we can fix the problem directly and get the site back up faster.
  • We can keep sites up to date on a regular schedule, and immediately fix any breaking issues arising from updates.
  • Future website changes or additions are much easier and less expensive to implement.
  • Our clients generally save money on web hosting and maintenance – a true win-win.

Basic Hosting & Maintenance – $12/month or $120/yr

This package is designed for basic, low traffic websites. It is perfect for the average website owner who benefits from the simplicity of having us handle all the nitty-gritty, to set-and-forget the nut-and-bolts of their website.

  • Website hosting
  • Post-hack fixes
  • Site updates

Hosting & Maintenance Plus – $200/month

This package is designed for business-oriented, medium traffic websites.

  • Website hosting
  • Post-hack fixes
  • Site updates
  • Up to 2 hours per month of help

Website Consultation Pricing

If you are considering building/commissioning a new website or making changes to an existing one, you may have questings regarding the technologies that would best suit your needs. We can help point you in the right direction.

Drop us a line and tell us briefly about your project – we'll let you know up front if meeting with us could be helpful to you situation or if there's someone else who would be better suited to answer your questions.