Website Design and Development Services

We specialize in custom WordPress website design and development – from the drawing board through launch. This means that we create completely custom visual designs atop tailored website functionality, all on the content management platform. Your website can look exactly how you want and have all the features you need without the bloat of features you don’t. We build everything with your content management needs in mind, maximizing your ability to self-administer without our help. Our custom builds make it even easier for you to add and change your website content than you might imagine!

At the code level, we prioritize lean and clean architecture that enables high performance, accessibility and maintainability. Because is open-source and independent of any particular hosting platform, the site itself and its data are yours forever without paying fees – and you can move it to any host you like without being locked into a specific, paid platform.

Whether you need a simple informational site, a monster ecommerce hub or a totally unique web app, look no further than Kirshner Design. If your project is somehow beyond our wheelhouse, we can consult about your needs and point you in the direction of someone who can help.

You can view our web design and development pricing here, or read more about our website consultation services here.

Web Portfolio

The National Laboratory for Education Transformation (NLET)

NLET is a non-profit helping to transform the education system for the 21st century. We were tasked with redesigning and rebuilding the website.

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Newton Street Public Relations

Newton Street Public Relations was interested in moving their SquareSpace website over to WordPress and giving it a visual redesign with their existing branding in mind.

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The Watergate Press

The Watergate Press ( serves to keep the ever-relevant lessons learned from the Watergate crisis fresh in the minds of the American public. Kirshner Design worked closely with former Watergate Committee staffers to role this website out for Watergate’s 50th anniversary.

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MitochondriaWorld™ is an online nexus for all things mitochondria, currently in beta. Kirshner Design is working with researchers and advocates in the mitochondria field to bring this vastly underappreciated subject into its surely-destined prominence.

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Obi created the original probiotic soda. They are no longer in business, but had a great run and blazed a trail in the health beverage industry. We designed and built their website.

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FWD is an electronic music curation platform that commissions and hosts exclusive mixes from and interviews with some of the most avant garde artists in electronic music. We designed and built their website (and may redesign it in the near future!).

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Knox County Parks

This lovely campground and set of trails in Knox County, Indiana needed its website’s framework modernized, but the existing retro visual style needed to be maintained. We infused a modern WordPress build, but kept the old-school aesthetic alive.

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