Graphic Design & Illustration Services

Versatile Digital and Traditional Design

We create our graphic designs and illustrations via a fine art lens, rather than a cookie-cutter mentality. Our high attention to detail and appetite for uniqueness ensures that your design will have that extra something to set it apart. We shoot for elegance, and insist on getting it just right!

From logos to brochures, website mock-ups to random illustrations — you name it, we can do it.

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Selected works from our graphic design portfolio are below.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Client: Taoist Wellness Chinese Medicine

We were hired to create branding and a website for a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. The project never fully materialized, but we did get a chance to design a fun logo.

The logo we designed for Taoist Wellness.

Client: Morning Song Flowers

We did all the branding for Morning Song Flowers, from the logo to the website design. We created a handful of cute, digital illustrations of flowers, insects and plants to sprinkle around the site.

Morning Song Flowers
The logo we designed for Morning Song Flowers.

Client: Third Eye Pinecones

Third Eye Pinecones wanted a simple digital illustration of their unique jewelry. We created the image below.

Cross section of a pinecone
The pinecone cross section we illustrated for Third Eye Pinecones.

Client: FWD

We did all the branding for, from the logo to the website design. We had a lot of fun distilling the basic waveforms used in audio synthesis into a set of stylized brand components.

The logo we designed for It depicts the letters F, W, and D wrapped around a cube shape.

Client: Daze in the Life

We were commissioned to create a comeback website and branding for Charles Laquidara, an American radio disc jockey whose show, The Big Mattress, was broadcast in the Boston, Massachusetts area for nearly 30 years on WBCN. The project, called “Daze In The Life” wasn’t completed through us, but we had a blast creating some lively artwork.

Dave in the Life
The logo we designed for Daze In The Life
The Big Mattress
The logo we designed for The Big Mattress

Client: Obi

We created an overlay of bubbly graphics and on-brand images to package this delicious probiotic soda for the web. You can check out the graphics on the Obi website here.

Client: Johnny’s Mobile Mechanic

Johnny’s Mobile Mechanic needed a logo and business card. We created something to communicate the essence of their business in a visually entertaining manner.

Johnny's Mobile Mechanic logo, featuring a wrench with road lines on it
The logo we designed for Johnny's Mobile Mechanic.